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Intervention Services SAN DIEGO

Has someone close to you been struggling with drug and alcohol addiction?


We understand the complexities of substance abuse and are here to help. Our experienced team of interventionists will develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored for each individual’s unique needs. From transportation options, detoxification protocols, to inpatient or outpatient rehab centers – we have the expertise and knowledge needed to create an effective path towards recovery.


Let us lead you through this difficult journey with compassion, understanding and hope. We offer a non-judgmental environment where everyone can feel safe speaking up about their struggles without fear of judgment or criticism. And at every step along the way—from initial consultation through aftercare choices — our experienced professionals ensure individuals get exactly what they need for lasting sobriety.


Contact us today to learn more about our intervention services and how Surrender Sober Living can bring hope and healing back to your loved one’s life.

Intervention FAQs

Why do people need drug & alcohol interventions?

Drug and alcohol interventions are invaluable tools in helping someone suffering from addiction. Often those suffering from addiction lack the insight or perspective needed to take the steps necessary to overcome the problem. It can be incredibly difficult for them to reach out for help and this is where an intervention comes in.


Not only does it provide support, it can be a loving reminder of how badly their behaviors are affecting those closest to them, leading to a more profound realization of the problem than the person might have garnered on their own. This gentle nudge towards taking real action and getting help can be just what they need in order to change their life and end addiction's stronghold.

How do I know if someone needs an intervention?

Knowing when someone needs an intervention is no simple task. However, recognizing signs of addiction in the people you care about can help you know if they need an intervention. 


Keep an eye out for physical signs such as changes in weight or appearance, as well as behavioral changes like acting recklessly or wasting money. If someone is having difficulty functioning in their daily life because of chemical dependency, it’s likely they will benefit from an intervention and the support of those around them. 

It can be overwhelming and scary - so remember that there are professionals and resources available to provide guidance on how best to approach this difficult situation. Contact us if you are unsure if an intervention is the right step for your loved one.

How do I plan a successful intervention without scaring them away?

Planning a successful intervention can feel really intimidating, especially if you're worried about scaring your friend away. Before you plan anything, it's important to do your research and make sure that you have the right help available. 


Speak with experts (call us anytime to talk) to explain the situation and create a plan for how to best address your loved one. Make sure that all participants are aware of their roles and keep one person in charge to ensure good communication is taking place. 


It's also important to provide support before, during, and after the intervention so that anyone involved feels heard, seen, and respected. The goal is to come together with love and understanding in order to promote positive change; if everyone involved remembers this then you can create an effective intervention without having to worry about scaring them away.


Contact us for a free, confidential consultation.

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