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Surrender Sober Living offers a continuing care program. Our proudest moments are when a client has graduated from our level of care and is ready to set off into the world. It means the hard work over the past months or sometimes years is finally paying off. When leaving sober living the next step usually involves setting off on your own.


Whether our clients want to stay nearby and continue their life here in San Diego or begin the process of transitioning back home, there are many new challenges to consider. Before moving out we make sure they are situated in a safe space - with healthy and accomodating roommates. 


Our continuing care program is an extension of what we already do.  Although the girls are always welcome in our home - setting off for this next step can be difficult for people who are used to having support. We offer additional ways to keep our clients accountable. Whether it is face-to-face contact, over the phone counseling, weekly or randomized drug testing, or sometimes even home inspections. We are able to build programs with each client that creates additional accountability.


We also have sober mentors who are able to meet with the clients on a specified basis. Our mentors work with our clients scheduling meetings, goal setting and tracking, job support, and ongoing collaboration between the client's treatment team and family.  Our sober monitoring program provides face-to-face contact with clients while providing randomized drug tests, UA's, and home inspections to ensure full support and accountability. Our mentors are women in recovery who are trained to support clients in their recovery from co-occurring mental health challenges. We've found that working together usually provides growth for both the mentor and client.  

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