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1-2-1 Coaching

We use our personal experience to create a roadmap for recovery. Our team meets with their clients virtually or in-person daily, weekly, or bi-weekly to assess their needs and create an accomplishable goal list between sessions. Coaching can begin while a client is still in active addiction. .


Coaching is also in place for family members or others looking to support the person they love battling addiction.


We help loved ones navigate the stressful and often confusing path through recovery. Teaching them about the different levels of treatment centers available, how to set-up and maintain healthy boundaries and giving out suggestions and support through an emotionally taxing time.


Our interventionists are here to help lead what is often the crucial first step towards recovery. We specialize in developing a plan forward for the client by picking the appropriate transportation, detox, and rehab before the actual intervention occurs. 


During the intervention, we have developed safe ways to interact with the client. They allow the client to hear the perspective of their loved ones, see the fallacy of their lifestyle, and, more importantly, offer a clear path forward if they are willing to surrender to the provided help. 


If the client can find motivation through their loved ones, they are often willing to accept help. We will immediately implement the game plan – taking them directly to the level of care they need. 


We offer sober companionship, which is a level of care that allows someone who struggles with maintaining long term sobriety to have 24/7 support.


The companion will often live with the client to assist them in everyday life and keep them accountable in their sobriety. Timelines for this level of care vary.


Some choose to have a companion as they are transitioning to a new level of care, and others want someone to live with them until the point they are reintegrated back into society and feel comfortable on their own two feet.


A sober companion offers support, guidance, wellness routines, and constant supervision. The client builds their self-confidence in taking on the world with the new tools and support systems the companion has helped integrate into their lives. 


We are here to assist clients who require supervised travel. Whether leaving jail, rehab, or home, our staff is trained to assist someone who needs to get out of their current situation. 


Whether sober or under the influence, we can supervise their safe passage to get the help they need. As long as they do not require immediate medical attention, we can leave the same day contacted to pick them up from any location. 

Advisory Services

Choosing the right treatment center can be difficult. With so many options available, it can be easy to become bogged down.


During our screening we will get to know the client, as we learn about their history of substance abuse and/or mental health challenges.


With all information considered, we will guide our client to the treatment center that best fits their needs.    

 Recovery Rescue

If a client requires immediate attention or help, we can get anywhere within the US, Mexico, and Canada in 24 hours.


Recovery Rescue is available for any event.  Most often result from recent relapses, arrests, addicts finally reaching out for help, or other precarious situations arising from alcoholism/addiction.


We immediately send someone to evaluate the situation and get the struggling person the help they need. 

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